Under the spotlight: Modest Wedding Dresses (with sleeve guide!)



This week I’m taking a look at modest wedding dresses. So what exactly do I mean by ‘modest wedding dresses’? Typically, a wedding dress described as modest will have some form of sleeve, a neckline that isn’t low cut, and a length is floor length, or somewhere between your knee and the floor. Modest wedding dresses are great if you’re conscious about exposing too much flesh, or you’re not one for wearing anything too showy and extravagant.

Modesty can be such an attractive trait, and you certainly don’t need to show lots of flesh in order to be a stunning bride. You’ll be all the more gorgeous if you wear something you feel comfortable in, and something that is incredibly you. And modest wedding dresses are most definitely not boring, frumpy or unsexy! I’m a big fan of the saying that less is more, and keeping things simple so that real, natural beauty and personality can shine through.

If you’re thinking that a modest wedding dress is the right choice for you, you’ve got many great options to consider. So lets start with the sleeves – perhaps the most typical feature of a modest wedding dress. Sleeves come in all shapes and sizes, and do not mean you’ve got to totally wrap yourself up. If you don’t want to be completely covered up, I recommend looking for wedding dresses with cap (or other short) sleeves or ¾ length sleeves. If it’s long you’re after, you’ve got an abundance of options to choose from too, if you don’t fancy the typical straight-up-and-down.

I’ve compiled some illustrations below, taken from the lovely onewedding.co.uk, to introduce you to some different kinds of sleeves, and help you decide what kind of sleeve is right for you!


Cap sleeve: Great for those with slim arms and small shoulders.

Petal sleeve: Such a pretty sleeve design that looks like a tulip over your shoulder. This style suits any  arm shapes and sizes.

T-shirt sleeve: Just like you see on a t-shirt. This is short but offers a bit of coverage, ending halfway between your elbow and shoulder. A nice and simple style that can look really modern on a wedding dress

Juliet sleeve: This long sleeve is puffed at the shoulder and fitted around the arm. It’s typically seen on period-style wedding dresses with lots of frills and volume. Just be careful if you’re larger on top, or have very broad shoulders, as this dramatic sleeve could make you look too broad on top.

Balloon sleeve: This dramatic long sleeve is full and balloon-shaped over the upper arm, then gets narrower from the elbow to the wrist. To even things out if you have a large bust and broad shoulders, keep your neckline low-cut and simple.

Poet sleeve: This romantic sleeve works well with loose and floaty wedding dresses. It is wide and gathered at the shoulder, which continues down to the wrist, where it is then gathered again, or tapered.

Long/Illusion sleeve: This is a long sleeve, without the full coverage. The sheer fabric will keep things delicate and feminine, making sure you don’t feel too covered up, while offering enough coverage to keep you comfortable. An incredibly elegant choice.

Bell sleeve: This sleeve style is narrow at the shoulders and gets wider towards the end, creating a bell like shape – much the same as the way bell-bottomed flares do. It can be long or short, stopping at the top of the arm, the elbow, or the wrist. Versatile, and flattering!


- Sophie


Photo Credits

Top – ruffledblog.com; bottom – Grace Kelly at weddingbellsblog.com


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