New Vintage Line Countdown- 20′s Wedding Inspiration

Hello again, lovelies! We have some exciting news in the making here at FHFH that I can’t wait to tell you all about! Since it’s still a work in progress, I can’t share too many details but let me spill the beans and say we have a new, vintage inspired bridesmaid dress collection that’s will be released in a couple weeks!!!!!! Between now and then, let me share with you some  eye candy that has been inspiring all the new looks we’ve been dreaming up!


Today I’m going to share some of our 20′s inspiration! From art deco  beaded bags to pin curls, I cant imagine a sleeker look. Vintage never goes out of style, does it?!


1.Vintage Style Photo Booth via Josh Goleman

2.  French candlabra used as a dramatic alternative to a vase via

3. Ebony and Andrew’s Art Deco Wedding (their pictures are a must see!)

4. Finger waves and cranberry lips via

5. Beaded vintage bag via

When you think about 20′s style, I’m sure that flappers and prohibition era images fly to mind: lace and pearls, long and flowing dresses of satin and silk. And, my personal favorite, head pieces and feathers! My heart pitter pats when I think about it all coming together. I know if it’s selfish, but I’d love it if everyone could join in and dress the theme. But since I can’t control everyone,  let’s look at some quick details that can make your wedding have a 20′s feel with little to no major  commitment for you or your guests!

Flapper BFFs c/o Vintage Clothing Love

Finger waves and a smear of rouge are a quick and easy ways to fit into the theme. There are so many DIY videos on (click here for my personal recommendation!) that there’s no need for anyone to go get their hair or makeup done professionally. I’m no master of hair, but I was able to do this once or twice with a little patience and a lot of hair gel. And who doesn’t already have a good bright red stick of lip stick in their arsenal?

Accessories are of course the easiest way to spruce up any outfit and with some twenties pieces any old shift dress will look flapper fantastic. A long string of pearls, a headband, some feathers stuck in your hair, and you’re set!


Sassy Ginny c/o Josh Goleman


A old time photo booth is something that can really help set the theme, even for people who aren’t already dressed the part. Consider supplying a parasol, top hats, head bands, pearls, and maybe even fake moustaches for your guests to use (and maybe borrow) to take sepia or black and white photos. Plus you most likely won’t even have to buy a single prop if you have a super cool granny that wouldn’t mind lending a vintage good or two for her favorite granddaughter. Start kissing up to granny today ladies! She’s a peach I’m sure, and would love the attention and to play an important role in styling your wedding.


Photo booth  c/o Josh Goleman


Ok that’s all for today ladies! But let me know what other ideas you may have for how to style a 20′s wedding without costing you or your guests too much cash or stress! xo!

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