Mismatched Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

As summer draws to a close and we move closer to fall, the colors of summer bridesmaids dresses are also following suit.  Instead of bright aquamarines and yellow, more and more bridal parties are wearing more neutral colors including beige, taupe, and lighter shades of grey.  These bridesmaid dresses evoke a different kind of elegance than the summer hues.  Grey bridesmaid dresses carry a cooler tone than most other neutral shades.  They are also the easiest to be paired when it comes to other colors of the ceremony.  Grey bridesmaid dresses look serene next to any colored bouquet and fits nicely next to any colored tux from the groom’s side.

For slightly warmer neutral tones, opt for taupe, beige, or other similar brown-based colors.  Brown based neutral tones can bring warmth to any color family.  The great thing about neutrals is that they don’t clash with each other.  Now with mismatched tones being so popular amongst bridal parties, each bridesmaid can dawn her own favorite neutral shade.  Mix pastel pink bridesmaid dresses for an even more romantic and flirty feel.


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  1. lucielee   September 26, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    bridesmaid dresses! but i like the first color and the fifth style!

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