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Wednesday, 02/ 6/2013 10:09 AM

6 Bridesmaid Dresses That Don’t Look Like Every Other Bridesmaid Dress Out There. (Hooray!) Which Is Your Fave?

This week in wedding breakthroughs: bridesmaid dresses that DON’T look like bridesmaid dresses! I mean, all six of the un-boring dresses below (all from For Her and For Him) totally work for bridesmaids, but they don’t look like the run-of-the-mill shiny satin numbers we’ve all bought 100 times. Revolutionary, my friends.

Bridesmaid Dress 1

Ruffled and Ruched Two-Tone Strapless Dress, $169.99.

Bridesmaid Dress 2

Chiffon Two-Tone Draped V-Neck Dress, $159.99.

Bridesmaid Dress 3

Chiffon Tiered Petals Dress, $159.99.

Bridesmaid Dress 4

Cap-Sleeve Vintage Bridesmaid Dress with Faux Buttons, $159.99.

Bridesmaid Dress 5

Two-Tone Ruched Waist Charmeuse Dress, $169.99.

Bridesmaid Dress 6

Column Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Ruffled Bodice, $239.99.

Which one of these bridesmaid dresses is your favorite?

I’d be thrilled to wear 3, 5 and 6. I bet 3 is ultra-flattering.

p.s. These dresses were meant to be bridesmaid dresses, so they all come in a bunch of colors. (A huge advantage over pretty off-the-rack dresses.)

By Kim Fusaro, weddings writer. Owner of two bad knees and one toddler. Hoarder of Cherry ChapStick, yoga pants, and stray animals. Eats chocolate every day.


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Ohhhhh! We have the prettiest customers, right?! Two of our sweet customers have received their dresses and were sweet enought to share with us their beautiful pictures after their wedding!

Here’s Rochelle with her 8 lovely bridesmaids in this unique “Vintage Bridesmaid Dress with Cap Sleeves and Faux Buttons” and maid of honor in this elegant “Sweetheart Column Bridesmaid Dress“. Everyone looks amazing, don’t they! Great color choice too! It must have been wonderful to get married on a ship!

“Let me tell you how worried I was trying to find bridesmaids dresses that were A.) Vintage Inspired and B.) In a dark burnt orange color. I thought this combination was impossible until one of my (9) bridesmaids found your website! And not only that, my maid of honor was pregnant and would be 5 months pregnant during the wedding, so she needed a dress that would fit her fast growing tummy. But let me tell you, successfully met all my impossible needs!!! Emma and Daisy, thank you so much for customizing my needs. Everyone looked beautiful, and all my bridesmaids were different dress sizes, but you fit them all! I loved it!! Here are a few photos of everyone in their beautiful gowns.

Thank you so much,

The incredibly happy bride

Here’re Busola’s 7 lovely bridesmaids in our “Cute Lace Bridesmaid Dress“, aren’t they beautiful!!! Love the color of the dresses, and their hairstyles, love everything!

“Thank you so much for your beautiful and affordable dresses. I was pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous packaging it came in. The dresses look way more expensive than I paid, very good fabric and great fit. Also, thanks for working with me and responding to my numerous emails! Glad I found you!!! Thanksss!”


Thank you again Rochelle and Busola for shareing these wonderful photos with us! You guys are just amazing!



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Winter Bridesmaid Dresses


As the leaves mature and the temperature cools down after summer, I love curling up with a throw on my sofa and enjoy a good book.  Maybe also wear some soft and warm socks as well.  The rich tones of deep orange and rich chocolate immediately warm me up all over because they provide that familiar warmness you experience in the summer.  Choose deeper shades of orange bridesmaid dresses to suit all types of skin tones, and lighter shades of peach or coral bridesmaid dresses for the younger girls in your bridal party.  Adding a brown bridesmaid dresses will also add an earthy element to your wedding.  Moreover, brown is a darker neutral that goes with most other colors.


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Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Grey – adj

  1. of a neutral tone,  intermediate between black and white, that has no hue and reflects and transmits only a little light
  2. dismal or dark, esp from lack of light; gloomy
  3. neutral or dull, esp in character or opinion

With definitions such as these, why would anyone in their right mind choose grey to be the color of their bridal party?  No one wants to appear gloomy, neutral, dismal, or dull.  However, grey bridesmaid dresses are making its way through wedding after wedding and appearing anything but as described by the above adjectives.  In fact, chiffon grey bridesmaid dresses are the perfect compliment to a colorful spring and summer background.   Blooming florals in the springtime and sparkling blue oceans in the summer provide the perfect accent to flowy grey bridesmaid dresses.

Grey works with a pop of any color because it is so neutral.  However, it is anything but dull.  In fact, grey can provide a very soothing and clean finish to the overall look of the wedding, easily achieving a classy and refined flavor.

If you’re planning a simple yet chic ceremony, a splash of grey can easily bring all the elements together.  The different colors from your floral arrangements, tablescapes, centerpieces, and even groomsmen attire can act as the perfect accent for the calming grey bridesmaid dresses.

Photos curtesy of Brenda’s Wedding Blog, Bouquet Bridal, The Stylish Bloom, ElizabethAnne Designs, Google Images

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Re-wearing Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

When a bride finally reveals to her bridesmaids that they have been chosen to be a part of her wedding party, emotions usually flare.  It probably won’t occur to anyone at that particular point in time how expensive it is to be a bridesmaid nowadays!  Sure you can wear a pair of shoes and jewelry from your closet, but you won’t be able to escape having to purchase a dress.  People used to believe that bridesmaid dresses are a waste of money because they’re a one-hit-wonder.  After the wedding day, it’s rarely ever worn again.  However don’t let yourself or your bridesmaids be subjected to such injustice!  There are plenty of bridesmaid dresses that can go easily from wedding day to cocktail party.

Even though you’re responsible for your own dress doesn’t mean you have to choose something that costs an arm and a leg.  Moreover, so many affordable bridesmaid dresses are available in different styles that you can choose something that you can sport over and over again.  An important thing to remember is that the bride will still have the final say in what she wants her bridesmaids to wear.  With that being said, bridesmaids and bride can still brainstorm ideas together to figure out what works for everyone.  If it’s agreeable that not everyone’s dress has to be exactly the same, then it’ll make things even simpler.

I’ve chosen a few styles that are very versatile for many different occasions and will be a worthy investment for events aside from just the day of the wedding.  Pastel colors are immensely popular right now.  These dresses can double easily for a weekend affair or a fancy brunch by the sea.   Satin material can easily transfer from day to night, while chiffon materials look so sweet and carefree in the daytime.


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Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara: what a love/hate relationship we have.  Despite the fact that it stayed on through best friend’s wedding announcement, The Notebook, and various other tearful occasions, this is also the same reason why I hate it!  Sometimes its staying power even lasts through makeup removers and face washes.  The difficulty of getting it off rips off at least a few strands of my already barely-there eyelashes.  Not only are waterproof mascaras hard to remove, most formulas are also clumpier than its non-waterproof alternative.

However on your wedding day, the inevitable tear-shed will happen.  Even if you were able to fight your emotions and keep it all in, your outdoor summer wedding will have you sweating bullets.  Who wants their mascara to be the weakest link when they’re standing at the alter in their beautiful summer wedding dresses?  Here are a few waterproof mascaras that won’t wear out your lashes, and will stick with you throughout your whole wedding day.

-        Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara

If you already have voluminous lashes and just need a waterproof formula that will add color intensity to your lashes while holding its curl firmly, this is the one for you.  This mascara also dries super fast so you don’t have to worry about it getting elsewhere on your lids.

-        Dior Diorshow Iconic Extreme Waterproof

Talk about a mascara that does it all.  Not only does this mascara have a whole bunch of conditioning agents to sooth your lashes, it is also super buildable and hangs on to your lashes forever.  This is a mascara that everyone can appreciate.

-        Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Waterproof Mascara

A steal at only $8, the tiny brush can catch every individual lash and even the tiniest of lashes in the inner corners of your eyes.  This is also a great mascara for lower lashes because of the mini-brush feature.

-        Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Macara

A cult classic!  This one is my personal favorite because it adds volume and length without clumping.  It won’t give you spider-leg lashes even if you layer multiple coats!

Photos curtesy of HudaBeauty and Google Images

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Mismatched Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

As summer draws to a close and we move closer to fall, the colors of summer bridesmaids dresses are also following suit.  Instead of bright aquamarines and yellow, more and more bridal parties are wearing more neutral colors including beige, taupe, and lighter shades of grey.  These bridesmaid dresses evoke a different kind of elegance than the summer hues.  Grey bridesmaid dresses carry a cooler tone than most other neutral shades.  They are also the easiest to be paired when it comes to other colors of the ceremony.  Grey bridesmaid dresses look serene next to any colored bouquet and fits nicely next to any colored tux from the groom’s side.

For slightly warmer neutral tones, opt for taupe, beige, or other similar brown-based colors.  Brown based neutral tones can bring warmth to any color family.  The great thing about neutrals is that they don’t clash with each other.  Now with mismatched tones being so popular amongst bridal parties, each bridesmaid can dawn her own favorite neutral shade.  Mix pastel pink bridesmaid dresses for an even more romantic and flirty feel.


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Something Blue Accessories

Ever since Carrie from Sex and the City married Big dawning a large blue feature in her hair, I’ve been more and more intrigued with the “something blue” accessory. While Carrie’s feather may be too large and dramatic for most of us, it’s a great idea! Since these items (something new, old, borrowed, and blue) are signs of luck, why not make them a statement? No need to tuck them away. Flaunt them!

The most widely used blue accessories are blue shoes. This is an easy and versatile way to incorporate blue without the color being immediately overpowering. Because most dresses will be longer than floor-length, the shoes are easily covered up. Unless the bride lifts up her dress to go up or down a flight of stairs or etc. no one will even notice it. However, when they do, it makes for a dashing surprise! Also, blue shoes nowadays come in all different cuts and styles, with many different embellishments to fit any bride’s fancy.

If blue shoes seem too conventional or overdone, you can always choose the route of Carrie Bradshaw and dawn a statement headpiece. It doesn’t have to be as garish or exaggerated. Some handmade pieces available on website such as are so elegant and detailed.

Another great option to exhibit a dash a blue is through earrings. Dangly earrings with wavy locks add just the right amount of emphasize to your face, without being overpowering. A great pair of accent studs also will work elegantly with a classic up-do. Whatever your muse, blue accessories will add to the overall festive atmosphere!

Photos curtesy of Glamour and Google Images

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Reception Dresses

You have been the subject of scrutiny all day. Someone had whispered about every step you took and every hair out of place. But you’ve finally made it down the aisle toward your new husband. After the ceremony and into the reception hall, it is finally time to You have been the subject of scrutiny all day. Someone had whispered about every step you took and every hair out of place. But you’ve finally made it down the aisle toward your new husband. After the ceremony and into the reception hall, it is finally time to enjoy your night and (for heaven sakes) eat!

You can finally kick off your shoes and slip into something more comfortable. Dance the night away in affordable reception dresses that come in a variety of styles!  From rustic to vintage, there is sure to be a style of reception dresses that suits your wedding fancy. Choose between reception dresses that will take everyone’s breath away as you make your exit from the biggest party of your life. After all, why wear one dress when you can wear two?

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Immunity Boosts

It’s getting close to your big day and it seems like nothing can get in the way of you having the best wedding ever, however anxiety and a lack of sleep and other stressors that usually comes with wedding planning can dramatically impact your immune system.  Before your wedding day, load up on these super-foods to ensure a boost in your immune system so a nasty cold or flu bug doesn’t creep up next to you when it’s time to put on those wedding dresses.

We hear the word antioxidants a lot but what foods exactly contain antioxidants?  Vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene all contain high levels of antioxidants.  Usually colorful fruits and vegetables contain the most antioxidants.  Vitamin C is probably the easiest to satisfy.  They are in most citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits.  Have a grapefruit with honey for breakfast, which will help boost your immune system.  Not to mention that it’s delicious!  Citrus fruit not your thing?  Brussels sprouts or tomatoes also pack a tone of vitamin C.  (Brussels sprouts pack a whole bunch of beneficial vitamins; it really is a SUPER food!) Tomatoes are easy to prepare in everyday food and it can be eaten cooked or raw.  When cooking most vitamin rich vegetables, boil slightly so that all the nutrients remain in the food.  If you prepare foods raw and under 108 degrees, more of the natural nutrients remain within the food rather than being rendered out.

Mustard greens, mangoes, and spinach all pack a tone of vitamin E.  In the summertime, mangoes mixed with apples and a few types of leafy greens tossed with sweet vinaigrette make such a refreshing salad.  Spinach is also a very versatile vegetable.  It can be tossed in any type of salad or slightly steamed and served with meat or poultry.

Purple and blue colored foods are my favorite ones.  A handful of blueberries in a smoothie or red cabbage (which are colored more like purple) tossed in a simple salad with blue cheese and apples will easily satisfy your antioxidant intake for the day.  Boosting your immune system will help keep those nasty cold and flu viruses at bay.  After all you don’t need another thing to worry about with all the excitement that is already going on in your life planning for your wedding day!

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